For our channel partners, Zentera is committed to providing products, tools and resources to drive higher revenues and shorten project timelines while lowering costs.


Key Benefits for Channel Partners 


Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

  • Provides control, cloud portability, and flexibility required to manage their customer’s environments.
  • Able to rapidly onboard new clients into a hybrid cloud service.
  • Adds another recurring revenue stream to their portfolio as a new service option or bundled enhancement to existing services.
  • Provides a simplified route to integrate new solutions into their service offerings.

Value Added Resellers

  • Easy for end customers to spin up and manage.
  • Allows end customers to quickly integrate existing ecosystems or set up new hybrid cloud environments.
  • Opens a new stream of recurring revenue and cloud solution options for the VAR.
  • Allows VAR’s to rapidly address the expanding cloud market opportunity.

System Integrators

  • Easy to manage, seamlessly integrates large, complex environments across multiple industries and verticals.
  • Cuts project man-hours resulting in lower costs and higher margins.
  • Increases project flexibility and reduces time to market.
  • Increases the ability to focus on other projects and services.

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