CoIP (Cloud over IP):

The Future of Hybrid Networking

Excerpt from the Introduction

The Cloud Ecosystem Faces Technology Challenges

As companies start to leverage this emerging cloud ecosystem, they are encountering a number of challenges. Hybrid cloud infrastructure (IaaS) deployments require significant re-engineering and customization of corporate network, compliance and security infrastructure. Today, enterprises may spend many months, depending on their existing network and information security (InfoSec) infrastructure complexity, to complete a single hybrid deployment for one or a few applications, much less multiple deployments.

Excerpt from the Summary

CoIP – CoIP is the Next Paradigm for Cloud Ecosystems

Cloud over IP (CoIP) is the next-generation virtual overlay network that is secure, portable, easy to implement, and does not disrupt the existing enterprise network or perimeter security infrastructure. CoIP implements an overlay network for hybrid cloud applications that enables migration from the enterprise to the cloud while shielding applications running in a hybrid cloud environment. In sum, CoIP provides the cloud ecosystem with the security, ease of deployment and accelerated time-to-production that will drive widespread cloud adoption.