CoIP Security

CoIP® provides in-depth security for multicloud networks that is deeply integrated with its on-demand virtual network overlay. CoIP protects specified endpoints, workloads and traffic in an exclusive shielded enclave with network encryption, east-west microsegmentation and application whitelisting. CoIP enforces centralized control policy for routing and security, protects the new attack surface exposed by remote cloud endpoints and offers layers of security, defense-in-depth, that include active (inline) and passive (tap) flow capabilities for third-party security engine insertion.

CoIP Icons

contorller CoIP Controller
switch ZNS Switch Node
node-cluster ZNS Cluster
zlink zLink
edge-gateway CoIP Edge Gateway

Other Icons

3rd-party-security-engine-icon-a 3rd Party Security Engine
router-icon Router

CoIP Offers Network Routing Control, Microsegmentation, and Encryption

CoIP security is endpoint-based. Only whitelisted endpoints are allowed on the network and the endpoints themselves will talk to other endpoints only on the whitelist. Furthermore, the endpoints can be set to individually allow only permitted applications to use the network. And CoIP is on-demand and event-driven—no permanent network transport exists between endpoints, which greatly increases security by reducing the attack surface.