CoIP Solution:

SDP with Secure Access

The Problem:

  • Need to grant access to security-sensitive applications and data to distributed parties
  • Conventional security methods rely on static network segmentation and isolation
  • Changing firewall, ACL, VLAN/VXLAN and routing rules to accommodate access requests is too time-consuming

The Zentera Solution:

Zentera’s CoIP Enclave™ solution creates a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) that wraps authenticated endpoints (i.e. VMs, containers, bare metal servers etc.) into a single unified network. All machines inside the SDP are effectively isolated from the outside endpoints, even on the same subnet.


  • Securing application workloads dramatically reduces security attack surface
  • Installs without changes to legacy network and security infrastructure
  • Enhanced operation productivity with elastic overlay fabric
  • Avoids re-IPing of applications overlapping address ranges
"Zentera is at the leading edge of secure cross-cloud networking with its hybrid overlay solution and was recently cited by Gartner in its How to Optimize Your Enterprise Network for Hybrid Cloud Report."
Rebecca Bace,
Cybersecurity expert and CEO of Infidel, Inc.

Software-Defined Perimeter with Secure Remote Access

In the new digital transformation era, enterprises increasingly need to grant access to security-sensitive applications and data to distributed parties, including employees, vendors, partners, and even customers. However, in order to defend against external as well as internal cybersecurity attacks, these sensitive applications and data are protected behind layers of firewalls in a secure zone. How can enterprises choose between securing these critical assets and providing access?

Zentera Systems, Inc.

Zentera is the leader in secure and agile infrastructure solutions for the digitally-transformed enterprise. The company’s CoIP® Platform provides award-winning zero-trust networking, security, and multi-cloud connectivity that overlays on top of any infrastructure in any fragmented environment, allowing customers to be up and running in less than a day. The CoIP Platform has been deployed by global enterprises to secure employee and third-party network access for compliance, protect sensitive data against leaks, and instantly connect hybrid applications and containers running in the cloud and on-premises. The Silicon Valley-based company has received numerous recognitions, including Cool Vendor for Cloud Security by Gartner.

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