CoIP Solution:

Overlay for Connected Cars

The Problem:

The automotive industry is in the midst of an autonomous and electric vehicle revolution. Next-generation cars will be more than just means of transportation; loaded with sensors, displays, and high-speed networking, they are platforms that will deliver entertainment and information through tight integration with third-party services and applications. The connected car and the manufacturer’s backend systems will form the hub of this new ecosystem.
  • Cannot modify existing infrastructure because of high cross-functioning interdependency
  • Cannot modify third-party infrastructure due to security and legal risks
  • Ecosystem requires multiple companies to agree on infrastructure architecture and security responsibilities
  • Ecosystem is fragmented – domains are often siloed

The Zentera Solution:

Zentera’s CoIP Enclave solution enables applications to be distributed among multiple ecosystem participants. Participants can connect their datacenters together with application-aware access control. CoIP Enclave’s overlay network deploys along with the application, without requiring modification of existing network and security infrastructure.


  • Reduces security risks and IT complexity for connected car applications
  • Accelerates the formation of the connected car application ecosystem
  • Protects connected car backend servers from unauthorized access
"Our solution places the mission-critical intellectual property security control in the hands of the enterprise."
Jaushin Lee,
President and CEO, Zentera Systems, Inc.

CoIP® (Cloud Over IP): The Future of Hybrid Networking

Today, enterprises may spend many months, depending on their existing network and information security (InfoSec) infrastructure complexity, to complete a single hybrid deployment for one or a few applications, much less multiple deployments. Learn how Zentera’s CoIP empowers the future of hybrid networking.

Zentera Systems, Inc.

Zentera secures application workloads in hybrid environments with a type of software-defined perimeter called an enclave. The CoIP Enclave™ solution provides security and connectivity. It works with any infrastructure in any environment, does not interfere with existing environments or security, and can be up and running in less than a day. CoIP Enclave provides comprehensive network security for enterprise applications in the cloud, moving to the cloud or on-premise, and is deployed for worldwide operations by global corporations. The company has received numerous honors, including consecutive Red Herring Top 100 Awards, and is based in Silicon Valley.

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