CoIP – Overlay Network Architecture for Secure Telecom Digital Services

Excerpt from the Introduction

Digital Transformation is Essential to Telecom’s Future

Digital disruption is dramatically affecting the world, and the world’s businesses, in deep, widespread and long-lasting ways. This digital transformation is propelled by advances in digital technologies such as mobile, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and IoT. The telecommunications industry (telecom) is a key component here, as it provides the access and the pipes (or highways) for the digital data and traffic behind the explosive growth of digital services and products. Business telecom customers are offering these digital services on a global scale, and therefore are highly dependent on telecom platform capabilities including public cloud, communication, hosting, security, and specialized services.

Excerpt from the Summary

CoIP – A Solution for Telecom’s Digital Transformation

The overwhelming business benefits of the cloud are driving digital service providers and enterprises to migrate production workloads to the cloud. CoIP is designed to prepare those companies’ security infrastructures to be just as dynamic and elastic as their applications, by creating a network to connect specific workloads together. Decoupled from underlying infrastructures, CoIP’s architecture and deeply integrated security will help the telecom industry address the networking and security requirements of the digital transformation era. With features like security filtering, traffic encryption, traffic isolation, micro-segmentation and application interlock, CoIP will prepare telecom companies to realize their full potential in the multicloud.