Solution Briefs

Hybrid Cloud Onboarding

Enterprises under pressure to adopt cloud computing often face significant internal infrastructure. Enterprises need a next-generation infrastructure security solution that allows them to cut through business red tape, making cloud migration and onboarding a seamless transition.

Self-Service Hybrid Networking Tools for DevOps

The CoIP® (Cloud over IP) platform offers numerous advanced security capabilities through a software defined Enclave. These are separate and independent security features that can be deployed as standalone or together to protect application workloads in any cloud.

Overlay Fabric for Enterprise Datacenter Migration

Driven by the increased business agility and cost savings of digital transformation, enterprise IT are in consensus that leasing cloud is more efficient than investing capital to build proprietary datacenters. With today’s fast-changing business requirements, enterprises are embracing migration of their datacenters to the cloud.

SDP with Secure Remote Access

Zentera’s CoIP Enclave™ solution creates a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) that wraps authenticated endpoints (i.e. VMs, containers, bare metal servers etc.) into a single unified network. All machines inside the SDP are effectively isolated from the outside endpoints, even on the same subnet.

Success Stories

Qualcomm Success Story

Qualcomm® Deploys the CoIP Enclave™ Solution for Secure Clean Rooms and Vendor Remote Access.

Siemens Success Story

Siemens Deploys the CoIP Enclave™ Solution Worldwide for Secure Collaboration.

White Papers

CoIP (Cloud over IP): The Future of Hybrid Networking

The cloud is quickly becoming a critical part of enterprise computing. Enterprises are looking for a unified network fabric to support application portability. However, they are not in control of the infrastructure within their “cloud islands”. They are looking for a solution which allows them to transport applications from their datacenters into the cloud. CoIP (Cloud over IP) is the next generation hybrid cloud network and security.

The Future of Enterprise Cloud Networking

True business agility is required at all levels of the business, including operations and infrastructure. Without an agile foundation, management will never be able to pivot fast enough to react to new customer opportunities, competitive threats, or new regulations which change the market landscape.

Zentera Systems, Inc.

Zentera secures application workloads in hybrid environments with a type of software-defined perimeter called an enclave. The CoIP Enclave™ solution provides security and connectivity. It works with any infrastructure in any environment, does not interfere with existing environments or security, and can be up and running in less than a day. CoIP Enclave provides comprehensive network security for enterprise applications in the cloud, moving to the cloud or on-premise, and is deployed for worldwide operations by global corporations. The company has received numerous honors, including consecutive Red Herring Top 100 Awards, and is based in Silicon Valley.

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