Many security tools that companies have typically relied upon are no longer relevant in the cloud. Enterprises have little control over cloud infrastructure, and security tools and implementation are very different from one cloud service provider (CSP) to the next. Enterprises need security that can protect distributed applications in any mix of cloud and on-premise environments.


Zentera’s CoIP Enclave creates an instant perimeter around all of the endpoints in a hybrid or multicloud deployment. Enterprises do not need to set up complex site-to-site VPNs or virtual private cloud peering solutions to connect the enclave endpoints; all connections are brokered by the CoIP Controller™, which acts as a security orchestrator. The enclave enforces end-to-end encrypted tunnels and segmentation policies that completely isolate workloads, even in multi-tenant environments. And, importantly, policies function the same way in every public/private cloud or datacenter, are applied instantly everywhere, and don’t require certification in cloud security.


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Orchestration that eliminates concerns about security policy configuration creep


Simple infrastructure-independent application security that works on any cloud or on-premise

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Unified security policy enforcement and visibility that operates across complex hybrid and multicloud environments


Use Case: Secure Policy Migration

Success Story: Qualcomm