Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) must continually expand their services to stay current with security best practices and keep their offerings relevant to changing customer deployments. In particular, MSSPs are being tasked to secure the hybrid cloud deployments that customers are increasingly adopting. Yet, it can be challenging to support the wide range of cloud service providers (CSPs) that customers are looking for—a single CSP may necessitate a week-long training course just for security operations. And with the rapid pace of cloud development, such training can quickly become obsolete. MSSPs need simple solutions, with powerful, cutting-edge security capabilities.


Zentera’s CoIP Enclave enables MSSPs to deploy application enclaves to help customers segment and protect critical applications. Enclaves can be deployed on top of existing infrastructure, and they operate across any CSP, on-premise or co-located datacenter. The enclave’s deep application-based segmentation locks network application traffic to whitelisted applications; any anomalous traffic is blocked, triggering an alert for the MSSP to examine and remediate.


Application Suite Protection

MSSPs can offer advanced hybrid cloud security without retraining the entire team


MSSPs can be more productive with a single, centralized control center for the SoC and a full suite of RESTful APIs that enable integration

M & A

MSSPs can manage customer endpoints without setting up a VPN to the customer site


Use Case: Workload Shield

Application Note: Traffic Isolation