The Problem:


Next-gen manufacturing sites will increasingly rely on smart factory automation platforms delivered as a service. However, opening factory networks to third-party platforms creates security, legal, and business risks that can delay or even kill the adoption of new technologies.

  • Factories are concerned about the security of their proprietary manufacturing processes and operational data
  • Platform vendors worry about the loss or theft of their A.I. algorithms
  • Both want to be indemnified against cybersecurity breaches

The Zentera Solution:

Zentera’s CoIP Enclave solution connects factories and platform vendors with a virtual overlay network that allows a remote platform to access data within the factory without requiring either party to fully open its networks. This overlay network is set up without modifying legacy networks or changing firewall rules, condensing the InfoSec and compliance process.


  • Access to security-sensitive data without having to store a copy
  • Decreases security and legal risks for both factories and platform vendors
  • Ecosystem requires multiple companies to agree on infrastructure architecture and security responsibilities
  • Ecosystem is fragmented – domains are often siloed