The Problem:

  • Existing legacy infrastructure is slow and static, with security policies that do not extend to cloud
  • Cloud capabilities are CSP-dependent and do not extend to on-premises legacy infrastructure
  • Cannot modify cloud infrastructure, since it belongs to the CSP, not the enterprise (see Shared Responsibility)
  • High cross-functional interdependency and number of teams involved, slowing down hybrid adoption

The Zentera Solution:

Because the security challenge is ultimately caused by disruptive applications, Zentera solves the challenge by providing an application-based overlay network called an enclave. An enclave is designed to connect and protect applications, regardless of their physical locations. Zentera’s CoIP Enclave solution is hardware agnostic, completely decoupled from the underlying physical network.


  • Rapid secure connections from on-premises to private or public cloud
  • Unified security management across multiple domains
  • Eliminate the need to create new VPNs, reprogram firewall rules, and process IT tickets
  • Lessen interdependencies, number of moving parts and teams involved