Orchestrate Security Across Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments

  • Orchestrator eliminates concerns about security policy configuration creep
  • Simple infrastructure-independent application security that works on any cloud or on-premises
  • Unified security policy enforcement and visibility across complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Enhance Managed Security Services Offerings

  • MSSPs can offer advanced hybrid cloud security without having to re-train the entire team
  • Single pane of glass for the SOC to manage, with a full suite of RESTful APIs to enable integration
  • MSSPs can manage customer endpoints without having to set up a VPN to the customer site

Shield IoT Service Traffic

  • Unified security management for all IoT devices
  • End-to-end encrypted tunnels protect all IoT communications
  • Limits IoT device network connections to the enclave, shielding them from Internet-based attacks