Zentera offers a set of API interfaces to its CoIP® platform. These APIs allow Zentera’s partners and customers to access the key features of CoIP programmatically. The APIs will be generally available later this year—request to be notified here.

By providing APIs, CoIP can be incorporated into customers’ existing management and orchestration platforms. CoIP can be easily integrated into network services such as intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), enabling them to operate across multiple cloud and enterprise environments. Unlike other platforms, CoIP offers API access for what’s been described as northbound network and security integration.

CoIP Streaming

CoIP’s streaming capability includes support for active (inline) flow and passive (tap) flow. Streaming enables seamless integration with network services such as intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS) and other third-party security engines. It enables existing enterprise on-premise security measures to be extended to remote cloud endpoints.

Passive (Tap) Flow

For tap flow, the CoIP network sends a copy of each packet to the security engine and continues to forward all packets as usual. The security engine stores the packets and makes use of them for in-depth inspection and analysis. Its functions are therefore independent of the CoIP network once the packets are delivered. Figure 1 illustrates tap flow through the CoIP network.


Active (Inline) Flow

For inline flow, each packet traveling through the CoIP network is sent to the security engine, which performs in-depth packet inspections and forwards legitimate packets through the CoIP network to their final destinations, as illustrated in Fig. 2.