CoIP Components

zCenter is the management portal for the CoIP® platform. zCenter enables Application Profiles – which provision virtual infrastructures and security policies in unified cloud environments – to define the cloud overlay network, using mouse clicks and without programming cloud APIs.

CoIP LAN supports connections between CoIP endpoints within a single domain.The CoIP Controller provisions connections between each endpoint’s zLink over the CoIP LAN. The zLinks then can talk directly to each other in the CoIP LAN without going through the CoIP controller.

In CoIP WAN, a ZNS node or a ZNS cluster performs packet forwarding for network traffic to a disparate domain. Furthermore, ZNS nodes can be clustered for large-scale and higher performance deployments. The CoIP WAN architecture consists of a CoIP controller, endpoints, edge gateways and ZNS nodes.


CoIP Icons

contorller CoIP Controller
The CoIP Controller governs every aspect of endpoint activities. The CoIP controller is the central enforcement point for all network and security policies and can be either a virtual or a physical controller. The controller is comprised of zCenter and a ZNS Switch node.
switch ZNS Switch Node
The CoIP Switch Node performs switching functionality for CoIP packets when CoIP is used for WANs.
node-cluster ZNS Cluster
Group of ZNS nodes that act like a single logical device. It ensures higher performance, scaling and high availability.
zlink zLink
The zLink agent can be installed to allow users to route encrypted traffic between adjacent servers in a single domain. This means the servers can be routed directly on the CoIP plane instead of being routed by the cloud service provider.
edge-gateway CoIP Edge Gateway
The CoIp Edge Gateway acts as a gateway to non-CoIP networks. It is a layer 4 device that performs NAT and forwarding functions. The gateway does not provide routing functionality.

Other Icons

3rd Party Security Engine
router-icon Router