Read Ovum’s report — Zentera’s CoIP platform is on their radar

From On the Radar: Zentera enables secure workload management across multiple clouds

If your company is moving workloads to public cloud infrastructures or seeking to run them across multiple clouds, both private and public, you face an operational challenge concerning how to manage and secure them across these diverse environments. Zentera’s approach to this problem, which involves deploying an overlay network across multiple infrastructures at Layer 5, enables movement, management, and security without the need to make changes to the underlying systems, making it worthy of consideration.
  • Zentera provides an overlay network across the cloud infrastructures in which a customer seeks to move, manage, and secure workloads.
  • It does this at Layer 5, so that no underlying network infrastructure requires any changes for it to work.
  • Zentera is developing its relationships with service providers, with the idea that they will host its controllers and potentially clusters of its switches, and offer its technology as part of a multi-cloud management capability.