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Zentera Systems, Inc., is the leading vendor of enclave-based security and connectivity for the multicloud. Zentera, named a Cool Vendor in Cloud Security 2017 by Gartner, Inc., secures application workloads in the multicloud by connecting them through a unified virtual overlay network, or enclave. Its CoIP Security Enclave™ platform is built on patent-protected technology and has been deployed for worldwide operations by global corporations; moreover, the CoIP® (Cloud over IP®) architecture has been widely validated by industry analysts. The company has received numerous honors, including consecutive Red Herring Top 100 Awards. The award-winning Silicon Valley based company offers CoIP directly or through its integration and solution partners. Zentera is venture-funded and has offices worldwide. Its executive team has deep Silicon Valley backgrounds and track records of successful exits.

Company Origins

Zentera Systems was founded by Jaushin Lee, CEO and President, in 2012 to build upon his insight into the coming convergence of networking and security. He is the visionary architect behind the company’s CoIP Security Enclave platform.


Zentera was inspired by Jaushin’s experiences at Silicon Graphics in the late 1990s. His team was trying to create cloud-like functionality between two Silicon Valley technology giants, well before the cloud become commercially available. The effort took months and ran up against security and compliance considerations. Jaushin realized then that new technologies and solutions would be needed to make the cloud acceptable for companies requiring enterprise security in production use. When the industry’s evolution reached the right point, Jaushin was ready and Zentera was founded.


The company started creating CoIP technology and soon teamed up with Qualcomm as a development partner. By meeting Qualcomm’s demanding ­protection requirements, CoIP established itself as a cybersecurity provider for complex network environments. Today, Zentera is engaged with leading security and cloud providers such as Oracle, AWS, Red Hat, McAfee and CenturyLink.

Zentera Systems, Inc.

Zentera is the leader in secure and agile infrastructure solutions for the digitally-transformed enterprise. The company’s CoIP® Platform provides award-winning zero-trust networking, security, and multi-cloud connectivity that overlays on top of any infrastructure in any fragmented environment, allowing customers to be up and running in less than a day. The CoIP Platform has been deployed by global enterprises to secure employee and third-party network access for compliance, protect sensitive data against leaks, and instantly connect hybrid applications and containers running in the cloud and on-premises. The Silicon Valley-based company has received numerous recognitions, including Cool Vendor for Cloud Security by Gartner.

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