Instant Overlay Zero Trust Network Services

The enterprise infrastructure is being disrupted

Cybersecurity attacks are now occurring behind the enterprise firewalls.


Corporate networks have a history of being static, flat, and shared among applications, and enterprises are now driven to segment their security-sensitive assets – for secure development, supply chain security, regulatory compliance etc.


However, re-engineering the entire fabric is error-prone, heavy-lifting, and time-consuming. After all, the corporate network was never designed to meet today’s new security needs.

Contain your applications and data with a micro-network

Zentera’s approach is to build a hidden micro-network to contain the sensitive applications and assets. By hiding the assets in a micro-network, they are effectively segmented away from the shared corporate network. Since the micro-network is overlay, there’s no need to modify existing corporate networks.

Zentera micro-networks are...


No reconfigurations of firewalls, routers, and subnets


Applies to only specified applications and data, can be concurrently built for many applications, running on their own separate network planes

Establish hybrid cloud connections with a micro-network

The Zero Trust Network is an overlay micro-network that is decoupled from the underlay. It naturally extends to any remote cloud in the multi-cloud environment.


Today’s cloud infrastructure involves corporate network, access network, telecom networks, and cloud VPC networks. Zentera’s Zero Trust Network works on top of all those networks, connecting and cloaking cloud resources end to end.


Implemented with overlay network segmentation and strong endpoint authentication


Completely software-defined, saving enterprises a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort to contain assets and resources WITHOUT touching existing infrastructures

Zero Trust Networking and Security Features Include...

N/S and E/W

End-to-end LAN and WAN Encryption

User Access Authentication

Application Interlock

A.I.-based Smart Discovery


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Zentera Systems, Inc.

Zentera is the leader in secure and agile infrastructure solutions for the digitally-transformed enterprise. The company’s CoIP® Platform provides award-winning zero-trust networking, security, and multi-cloud connectivity that overlays on top of any infrastructure in any fragmented environment, allowing customers to be up and running in less than a day. The CoIP Platform has been deployed by global enterprises to secure employee and third-party network access for compliance, protect sensitive data against leaks, and instantly connect hybrid applications and containers running in the cloud and on-premises. The Silicon Valley-based company has received numerous recognitions, including Cool Vendor for Cloud Security by Gartner.

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