Zentera’s CoIP Cloud-Ready Enclave™ product is an isolated, unified, virtual overlay network that secures application workloads with automatic and dynamic security policies. This makes the workloads ready for cloud migration. It runs on top of the remote cloud stack, meaning the network is agnostic to any cloud and underlay network. Therefore, the network does not require changes to the underlying network infrastructure, and can be up and running in less than a day.

Figure 1: CoIP Cloud Ready Enclave Types


The CoIP Cloud-Ready Enclave offers a set of cloud-native security features that allow enterprises to implement security policies that are associated with workloads in motion. These features include:

  • Micro-segmentation, whose security rules can be automatically generated
  • Application interlock, a feature that permits only the application in the enclave to use the overlay network for communication.
  • Adaptive security learning, a feature that automatically discovers and creates additional security rules to minimize attack surfaces, reducing vulnerability.

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