ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. delivers Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions with the mission to enhance the linkage between design and manufacturing. As the global leader for SPICE modeling solutions and the leading technology provider for design for yield (DFY) applications, the company provides unique DFY solutions that for the first time integrate all the key components from one vendor, including advanced device modeling, parallel SPICE simulation engine and hardware-validated statistical analysis algorithms. Its main products include

• BSIMProPlus™/Model Explorer™: the industry’s leading device modeling technology platform targeted at nanometer device fabrication

• NoisePro™/9812B/9812D: the industry’s golden solution for low frequency 1/f noise and RTS noise characterization and process monitoring

• NanoSpice™: the new generation full-chip parallel SPICE simulator, with FastSPICE capacity and SPICE accuracy, and specially designed for transistor-level statistical simulation and analysis

• NanoYield™/NanoExplorer™: the innovative DFY platform targeted to meet the challenges of performance and yield optimization for advanced memory, analog and digital circuit designs

The company has R&D centers in the San Jose, California, Beijing and Jinan, China, and offices in Tokyo, Japan, Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China.