Security Solution Providers Can Now Bring Functionalities and More Value to Customers in the Cloud, Resulting in Growth Opportunities.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Zentera Systems, Inc., the leader in multicloud networking and security, today launched the industry’s first true cloud security overlay solution that delivers third-party security capabilities to the cloud. Integration partners can now offer their industry-leading security features throughout the multicloud to their customers. As a result, security companies can become the end-to-end security vendor of choice for organizations on-premise and across the cloud, and can offer new cloud security services to attract new customers.

Third-party security engines are typically limited to physical datacenters and provide little benefit in the cloud. This major obstacle, an aspect of cloud visibility, discourages enterprises from migrating security-sensitive applications to cloud environments. Zentera’s CoIP® (Cloud over IP®) platform, with its new integration APIs, enables security companies to offer their on-premise security services in the cloud. As organizations look to merge their on-premise security functionality with their cloud workloads and applications, CoIP is the industry’s first solution to address this unmet industry need and address the challenges that prevent widespread production use of the cloud.

For example, if an enterprise uses the public cloud (such as AWS), CoIP integration allows that organization to choose any IPS/IDS, firewall, or security engine that is integrated with CoIP to protect its migrated workloads. With CoIP technology, network traffic is routed over the CoIP overlay network from the cloud to the security engines, so that all the traffic appears to be on a single network, whether it originates from the cloud or within an enterprise datacenter. As a result, CoIP integration gives organizations flexibility and provides them with similar defense-in-depth capabilities that they have on-premise by using their existing enterprise security services.

“CoIP is now the basis for enterprises to have end-to-end security protection from their solutions provider of choice,” said Mike Loftus, Zentera’s Strategy and Marketing VP. “Leading analysts are defining these emerging industry requirements for what can be described as deep service isolation. We anticipate that CoIP will become an industry-wide implementation and ultimately a new standard in the multicloud network security category. In fact, CoIP integration is well underway with a number of our strategic partners.”

CoIP is an on-demand virtual network overlay that provides multicloud security and networking together with network encryption, microsegmentation and application whitelisting. CoIP’s architecture is more effective and efficient than conventional edge-to-edge architecture because CoIP is non-interfering with existing infrastructure and existing enterprise security. CoIP is transport- and cloud-agnostic in its design, supporting virtual machines (VMs), containers and compute endpoints, and can be deployed rapidly. For more information, see

Availability and Pricing
Zentera’s CoIP APIs are available today for security solution providers. For more information on becoming a Zentera integration partner, see

About Zentera
Zentera’s CoIP® solution directly addresses the security and networking needs of the multicloud market. CoIP’s security capabilities are deeply integrated with its virtual overlay network, accelerating productivity and business agility. CoIP works with any transport in any environment, does not interfere with existing infrastructure, and can be up and running in less than a day. The company is a Red Herring Top 100 winner based in Silicon Valley, and offers CoIP through select partners. For more information, see

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