Use Cases

Burst Computing Use Case

The CoIP platform supports on-demand bursting of applications to the cloud. CoIP allows customers to spin up virtual machines in the cloud, define and implement network connectivity on a virtual network plane and secure compute resources across cloud ecosystems. This Use Case scenario describes options for applications to burst to the cloud on demand, utilizing CoIP and the benefits provided by the CoIP solution.

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SSO Use Case

The CoIP platform is purposefully designed to support simple and straightforward connectivity, from outside servers/applications/systems to the Single Sign-On  (SSO) services behind the corporate firewall, using CoIP’s next-generation virtual overlay network. CoIP allows companies to define and implement on demand virtual overlay network across cloud ecosystems. This Use Case scenario describes cloud authentication with a centralized LDAP service that sits behind corporate perimeter firewalls, utilizing the benefits provided by the CoIP platform.

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Datacenter Migration Use Case

The CoIP platform is designed to support transparent and straightforward datacenter workload migration using CoIP’s next-generation virtual overlay network. CoIP allows enterprises to define the legacy network environment in a virtual network plane so that the applications are decoupled from the physical network  changes underneath.. With CoIP, enterprises can choose the most appropriate migration strategy along the range from an “all-at-once” approach to migrating one application at a time without impacting applications in the legacy datacenter. This Use Case outlines application scenarios utilizing CoIP for datacenter network migration and the benefits provided by the CoIP solution.

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Data Sheets

CoIP (Cloud over IP) Platform

CoIP (Cloud over IP) is the next-generation virtual overlay network solution for cloud ecosystems that allows dispersed cloud endpoints to connect on demand across distributed network domains. CoIP presents one unified network for applications as if all resources were deployed in a single enterprise network. It can be provisioned in hours with no changes to existing IP infrastructure, and spans multiple cloud network domains, including public, private, managed hosted, and on-premise datacenters.

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CoIP Security Solution for Cloud Ecosystems

  • Attack surfaces effectively move from the enterprise perimeter to remote cloud endpoints in the multi-tenant cloud ecosystem.
  • Perimeter security gets compromised when enterprises use VPN for remote cloud  connection.
  • Enterprises do not have full control over security in the cloud, making applications vulnerable to attacks.
  • Access to and from the cloud needs to be limited to a select set of resources within the enterprise to maintain corporate compliance.

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CoIP Virtual Network for Cloud Ecosystems

  • How can enterprises easily set up connections to the cloud without making significant changes to corporate perimeter security and navigate quickly through InfoSec and Compliance requirements?
  • Enterprises are facing challenges from the complexities related to legacy networks and static IP addresses when migrating applications to different datacenters, public or private.
  • How to dramatically speed up connecting to one or more separate cloud domains given enterprise use of conventional network methodologies requiring re-engineering and customization?
  • How can enterprises maintain security when physical infrastructure in the cloud is not managed and controlled directly by them?

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