Even the loud Halloween downtown streets of Las Vegas couldn’t compare with the crazy energy we had at Intel Security FOCUS 2016—it was quite an event for us. Almost everyone attending the show were either Intel customers or Intel SIA partners, so they latched onto CoIP’s networking and security capabilities in helping enterprises migrate and protect their workloads in the cloud. In fact, we interacted with a lot of Intel Security folks—many of them executives. We also met Intel’s Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) leadership, and we got a lot done! It was gratifying to be acknowledged in that fashion and to be an SIA partner. The real surprise, though, was meeting Intel Security people who have already heard of Zentera, and yet we hadn’t met them before the show.

The show was more intimate and FOCUSed than most tradeshows, with excellent traffic in terms of the quality of conversation. Based on our booth conversations, CoIP capabilities such as microsegmentation and encryption are hot topics in the industry. They are on the Intel roadmap, as is application fencing, which CoIP also supports. Most booth visitors had extensive knowledge of security, firewalls, and IPS, and they asked us detailed questions during our in-depth demos. Questions involved using CoIP beyond the enterprise; others went into nitty-gritty issues like DDoS and service isolation, which is a term that leading analyst groups have been recently using.

The keynotes were wonderful. Ted Koppel gave an inspiring and sobering talk about the risks to our power grid from cyberattacks. And what a fantastic keynote by McAfee! Who knew that the show was able to quickly go from Intel blue to McAfee red? I am a big fan of that on-the-fly rebranding and the redesign of the McAfee logo. Addressing familiar concepts to us folks at Zentera—visibility and application control in the cloud—McAfee is definitely making great leaps forward. Security may be a conservative industry, but this year’s Intel FOCUS was, like us, looking into the future.

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Everything seemed normal… ..then this awesome rebranding happened!