VMworld 2016 was a success for us!


Approximately 90% of the people who visited our booth understood what we do when we gave them the general business description of CoIP’s capabilities. Within minutes, they dove into deeper technical questions, along with use cases of their own to see how CoIP can directly address their challenges. One individual even asked to see a demo while taking notes on his phone. We absolutely hit the target audience this time, and we are pleased with the quality of our leads.




The real takeaway however was the main keynote presentation. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talked about the ongoing trend of cloud becoming a new standard by providing some interesting statistics. For example, by 2021, the distribution of IT workloads between physical IT infrastructure and cloud—public and private—is projected to be 50-50. With the announcement of their new cross-cloud services, which are said to connect all clouds together in a single operating environment, VMware seems to be confirming our multicloud vision here at Zentera. This market is truly emerging, and soon, companies and enterprises will face new networking and security needs… that CoIP is already meeting.



I also personally would like to thank VMware for setting up a pleasant recreational area that included ping pong tables, Foosball tables, and a cool life-size chess board. Not only was it a good place to relax but it worked surprisingly well as an area to meet new people and bring them over to our booth!




We are looking forward to working together with new companies and new partners, and we are excited to take what we learned and apply those lessons to our later shows this year. Not only was VMworld a success for us in terms of getting our message out to the right audience and gaining significant leads, but it was also a success because we got to see VMware join the Gartner bandwagon (goo.gl/i0uw5C) and confirm that we are heading down a bright path.